-Arlene and Dan, Villa Sant'Antonio
-Bob and Joni, Casale Escaiole
Our ownership experience has exceeded our expectations. Timbers Resorts made the process of securing our Tuscan destination a pleasure. Our visits are wonderful/magical....we totally feel at home when we are at Casali di Casole. The staff is always watching our backs and making sure we are happy, safe and feel special. We are in love with the people everywhere and continue to be amazed with the beauty that surrounds us. Our home presents an incomparable opportunity to enjoy every moment. It is truly heaven on Earth for us and we are so grateful for this experience.
-Marian and Glen Bressner
We had an incredible time at Sant' Antonio for our first two-week stay. We spent time at the pool, spa and on-site restaurants, rode bikes around Tuscany, and visited several towns and wineries. One of our guests loves to cook and made a number of great meals from products from local markets (cinta sinese and pecorino toscano were favorite appetizers) and we enjoyed eating outside with the beautiful view. The food and wine everywhere was fabulous; everyone wants to come back. One of our guests said it was the best vacation they had ever had. We can't wait to return!
-Sean Daly
I am a very, very satisfied owner. Returning from Italy, and urged by friends, I visited the website, and found it one of the very best and most compelling sites I have ever visited. But, after visiting the property, I was 100% convinced that the reality lives up to, and surpasses, the expectations raised by the website. The location is perfect, the facilities--even before the estate was finished--are stellar, and the support staff is knowledgeable and always helpful. We have been there 3 times and will be back again in September. We cannot wait to get another taste of Chianti and Casali di Casole.
-Mike Quinn